What better way to start the blog rolling again than to introduce you to a sensational ceramicist, Daniel Reynolds. I used a lot of his beautiful vases, bowls, cups and general wonderfulness  on a recent project and it completed the look. Accessorising an interior is actually something that I find the most difficult as there is such an infinite choice out there. However, on this occasion during the last throws of what was quite a tumultuous job, we found Daniel. His earthy colour palette, coarse surfaces contrasted in some instances with metallics and rich glazes were perfect for that handmade, quality finish we were after. For a sleek, modern and luxurious interior filled with high end finishes and fabrics the only difficulty you will have is trying to restrain yourself from buying the lot.

Here are some examples of his work and he takes commissions! Even better. Oh and did I mention that he is such an incredibly polite and lovely person as well? No, well he is! Gush.


An example of Daniel Reynold's work from a past project in London


Richly coloured glazes inside this cast porcelain

Image courtesy of www.reynoldsware.co.uk. Cast porcelain by Reynolds in wonderfully rich colours

Here are some cast porcelain bowls with a deep gold metallic finish.

Gold finish to a cast porcelain bowl

Image courtesy of www.reynoldsware.co.uk

Lastly, porcelain vases that will suit almost any room.

Simplicity and restraint at its best

Simplicity and restraint at its best. Image courtesy of www.reynoldsware.co.uk